What you can do to prepare your house for a wildfire:

  • Keep your yard wildfire friendly!

    • Try to keep any highly flammable items at least 30 feet away from your house, if not inside

  • Create a list of important or valuable items and where you keep them in your house

  • Keep an *evacuation kit* either by the door or in the car

  • Keep your gutters and roof clean throughout the year

  • Before evacuation, fill any large buckets or tubs around the house with water

  • Try to have a room in the house that is completely air tight, and try to keep you most valuable items in this room.

  • Take away highly flammable shades, curtains or furniture near windows if fires are very near

How to keep you home firefighter friendly during a wildfire:

  • Keep doors and windows unlocked but closed

  • Keep all lights on during evacuation so that firefighters may see your house more clearly through smoke

  • Extend hoses if possible outside of the house

  • Keep a ladder propped up on your house for easy access to the roof

How to make a wildfire evacuation kit for each member of your family:

  • Provide each member of your family with a large but easily carried bag

  • Fill each bag with

    • Non perishable foods (*We recommend: bagged nutritious snacks, canned foods and dried fruit*)

    • Bottled water (and a filtering water bottle if possible)

    • Extra clothes (comfortable and layerable)

    • A pair of comfortable running shoes just Incase driving is not a possibility    

  • During an evacuation, always keep the “P’s” in mind (Credit to: The Los Angeles Fire Department Website)

    • People and Pets

    • Papers, phone numbers and important documents

    • Prescriptions, vitamins and eyeglasses

    • Pictures and irreplaceable memorabilia

    • Personal computers (Hard drives and/or disks)

    • “Plastic” (Credit Cards, ATM cards) and cash

During a Wildfire:

  • Check your phone and television for crucial alerts and information

  • Try to keep you and your family breathing through cloths while outside, and staying inside as much as possible

  • Try to stay calm, and remember that everything will be okay (this will also help your children worry less)